Top Headphone Brands in 2017

Entertainment has been evolving over the years, and this has somewhat been signified with the production of high-quality entertainment solutions such as headphones. Simply put, the Top headphone brands in 2017 are an excellent place for you to start due to the exceptional design features and unrivaled audio quality guarantee. There is nothing better than experiencing entertainment with some of the headphones that are produced by some of these companies. What is more is that the features and capabilities keep on improving. In fact, some of the popular features that make them even more worthwhile for your needs include features such as wireless capability, durable designs, stereo surround and appealing designs as well.

Here are some of the top brands that will provide you with top quality solutions:

Sennheiser is one of the leading headphone brands and is known for their trailblazing ideas. It is hard to tell which are the Best Sennheiser Headphones as this comes down to user preference. The company was started by Dr.Fritz Sennheiser in 1945, and the company has since then been providing quality solutions for its clients. This company provides excellent entertainment solutions for various types of individuals including pilots, scientists, artists and sound developers. According to, the company is one of the top headphone brands in 2017, and they are well known for their superior quality music products. The company has several branches all over the world with as many different clients to which it provides quality entertainment solutions.

Beat by Dre
Beats by Dre is a leading audio headphone brand that was founded by Rap and Hip Hop Mogul Dr.Dre and Jimmy Lovine. Aside from producing top quality headphone brands, the company also produces other premium devices such as earphones, speakers, and headphones among many others. According to many sound experts, the company has essentially brought a new dimension to entertainment with their superior quality products. The company`s products are known for evoking excitement, positive emotions, and energy in its users. It is important to note that the company was acquired by Apple Inc. in 2014.

Beyerdynamic is a German audio equipment company that produces wireless audio systems, microphones, and headphones among many others. The company was officially launched in 1924 and is one of the leading audio companies along with companies such as Beats by Dre. Some of their leading products include in-ear headphones, mobile headphones, and hifi headphones among many others. More so, the company is also well known for products such as microphones and conference systems and technology among many others.

AKG Acoustics
AKG Acoustics is an Austrian company that produces headphones, microphones and wireless audio systems. The company also produces accessories that are ideal for professional and consumer markets. One of their leading products is the K50 earphone that was produced in 1959 and was at the time one of the top headphones on the consumer market. More so, the company was also known for the K1000 model, which is no longer in production and it was also an open back dynamic headphone. The current model is known as the AKG headphone range.

In the final view of things, choosing the best headphones requires that you gain insight into some important information. A good example would be the top headphone brands in 2017, as the perfect place for you to kick-start your investment. These brands are powerful, and they also have high-quality designs that make them ideal for your entertainment needs.

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